Virtual Tours to Revive Real-Estate Sector during Pandemic!

Virtual reality is a powerful tool to create immersive, real-life experiences for users. It is also an efficient tool to engage a large amount of audience. In this modern age, the implementation of virtual reality can be extremely vast, benefiting industries like real estate, education, travel/tourism, etc.

However, application of this technology in the above mentioned fields is still limited. Realtors struggle to give a true sense of the property and COVID-19 has made it difficult for them to conduct house viewings. Simple photos and videos do not give a complete idea about the property listings and having hundreds of them on the website reduces customer engagement.

Sharing photos and videos over social media and messaging platforms is also a tedious process and does not provide complete information about the property, leaving customers/clients with unanswered questions. In addition, having thousands of photos and videos on the website can considerably affect the loading time of the website which can be frustrating for most of the visitors.

Virtual tours are an interlinked set of 360-degree photos having components like audio, video, photos, text, questions, 3D models and much more incorporated into the virtual environment. This creates an all immersive, real-life experience and the users do not have to switch applications to view different components. This will provide a true-sense of the realtors property listings to the customers and clients. In addition, customers will get all property related information at a single place so they do not have to move back and forth. These virtual tours are known to increase user engagement on the website by 5-10 minutes increasing the chances of a sale. A 360-degree virtual tour of a 2BHK can be explored here

Virtual tours provided by geovironment360 are different and class apart from other tour providers around the globe. Use of latest virtual tour software along with consistent free updates for customers makes geovironment 360 the best pick for virtual tours. Some of the features exclusive of virtual tours by geovironment 360 are explained below.

  1. Live video calling facility

Gone are the days of vanilla 360-degree virtual tours. Geovironment 360 powered virtual tours allows customers to interact with the clients inside the virtual tour through our Live Video Calling feature. Add up to 4 participants and increase the chances of closing a deal by controlling the virtual tour and engaging your clients at the same time. Use this feature to explain and sell your products, show potential clients your business, help buyers explore their dream house and much more. The Best Part! The video calling is free forever once the tour is your, so make as many calls your want and grow your customer base and show them how tech-savvy your business is.

2. Lead generation form

A simple lead-generation form button inside every tour that allows customers/visitors to enter their name and E-Mail address which is sent directly to the business owner helping them create a customer database.

This will allow visitors to contact the business owner directly for more information about the property ultimately Increasing leads, increasing conversion, and increasing value to the owners.

3. Password protected tours

Don't want the tours to be accessible to everyone and only want a specific audience to see it?

Not a problem!

We can generate password protected tours on demand to allow our clients to share the tour along with the password with their audience and no one else can access it without the correct password. This will add robust security to the tours, allowing you to reach your customer base at the same time.

4. Embed pictures, videos, and HTML info hotspots

We do not believe in simple 360-degree tours and that is why our tours are not just limited to 360-degree photos linked together. We give our clients an option to include still photos, company's videos, tutorials, text information, 3D models, audio files and many other HTML embeds inside the virtual tour to give every piece of information about your business to your clients. Indulge them in an all immersive experience and wow them with such interactive representation of your business that will definitely leave an impression on them for a long time.

These kind of tours can produce amazing results in education too allowing students to explore and learn about any area in a self guided and interactive manner. An example of such highly interactive tour can be seen here

Try out all the hotspots and enjoy the learning.

So, Why wait?

Get in touch with and bring virtual reality to your business too.

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