Developing Virtual Field Resources for Teaching in Geology

Apoorv Avasthy talks about using virtual reality for teaching purposes in Geology and his work on developing an interactive virtual environment for teaching field geology to students in Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, Germany. He also talks about overcoming barriers to field work like financial problem, disability issues, management and organisational Incompetencies and many more in this science spotlight article for sketchfab.

The new Era of Virtual Reality in Business is finally here

Geovironment Pvt. Ltd. is working towards helping small and large scale businesses to showcase their space to potential clients/customers. The all new live video calling feature inside the virtual tours will be a breakthrough for realtors to interact with their potential buyers and help them in making a sale during covid-19 when the physical house viewings are almost dead. Read about this and other features in the article from The Elephant Times.